Sunday, August 2, 2009

The LAST word...

Well, Ken's and my great adventure is over. Back to my mundane little life (or lack thereof), working, taking care of Mom, and oh, did I mention working? Our trip was wonderful!! Thanks to my brothers for holding it together and special thanks to Naomi for keeping them in line. As she put it "You're both idiots". Well put Naomi. As a matter of fact I believe we all came together as family more than ever before and I do believe my brothers gained an appreciation for each others' intelligence and humor. We had so many laughs and gained some insights into each others' lives. Erin did a bang-up job of taking care of Grandma and – bless her heart – she's a sweetheart. (I AGREE! And, I treasure her for it! Ken)

I have come to realize how much I miss the place of my childhood. Pennsylvania is so beautiful. The trees, the rain, the green spaces everywhere. After we got off the plane in California and onto Bart for the trip home, I looked around at our puny and not very plentiful trees - well, I just wish we had more. Ken and I shared a lot of memories and made each other laugh. Kennywood was so much fun and no, I did not tease Ken mercilessly about being a wimp. Gettysburg was a very moving experience and boy, do I know A LOT about the battle and people involved.

Ken, thank you for arranging this. I can't tell you how much I needed and appreciated it. As Mom nears the end of her life, it is getting tougher and tougher to watch and keep it together.

Well the little lady I live with needs some attention so I must go and get her taken care of and my work done.

Love you all,

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