Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anticipating Armageddon

OK, we all know that when matter and anti-matter collide... well it's not pretty. Where I am right in all matters, political, ethical and aesthetic, my dear mother's Number One Son takes the opposite point of view. So my goal in this imminent adventure is to provide Patty, my dear older/younger sister, and Mom's Number Two Daughter with a good time. Now many have tried and few have succeeded, but my approach (as her brother) will obviously be different. But it will start with my pledge to be a good boy and not to constantly point out the rightness of my ways and views, either to Patty or Bob (he IS Number One, and – oh my God, I wish I didn't have to say this! – I AM Number Two.) So, with a clear conscience and the best of wills, I am embarking on what I hope will be the best-ever contradiction to Thomas Wolfe. It should be filled with fun, excitement, and if anything goes wrong, heavy drinking on my part. I look forward to uncovering all my sister's dirty little secrets, shaking out a few skeletons of my own and sitting on some very severe furniture while Bob explains the ways of the world to us. Sound like fun? Maybe YOU should try it? But if you've only got one sibling, don't. After all, if things go south and I lose these two, I've still got Donna!

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  1. Hello All...
    Anyone anticipating an explosion will be disappointed, since that happened before Pat & Ken left home. Fortunately, Ken de-fused the situation. BTW, I think he left the word "modest" out of his summary profile descriptor.

    Patty & Ken are our honored guests, and we extend all courtesies to them in the traditional manner of Southern hospitality. We have had three busy but very enjoyable days with them at the Trolley Museum, old stomping grounds and Kennywood.

    On Sunday, after showing them the 1911 open car that I am restoring, we rode a 1926 trolley on the last official trip of the day with the scheduled operator. Following that I took them on an exclusive private trip on the same trolley.

    Monday was a reminiscent tour of our old homes and locales, & the WoodLawn Cemetary followed by lunch @ Damon's at the "Miracle Mile".

    Tuesday was a super day @ Kennywood under a beautiful sky. We've had pleasant breakfasts in a sunny kitchen, and relaxing evenings on a cool, shady deck while shooting the breeze. All in all a great time, while we're looking forward to a trip to downtown Pittsburgh with them on the "T" Friday.