Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something is better than nothing

We don’t want to disappoint anyone, but after the ride to BART, the BART to SFO, waiting AT SFO, the flight to Pittsburgh, retrieving the rental car, learning how to use the GPS, getting breakfast, arriving at Bob and Naomi’s, a FANTASTIC meal followed by a FANTASTIC dessert and a three hour trip to Bob’s Fantasyland Adventure (the Trolley Museum) (cool rides and warm, humid narration) (ask me about trollies… I KNOW now!) and planning the week in general and tomorrow in particular, WE’RE EXHAUSTED! So, so far, so good! Tomorrow, our childhood in schools, homes and nefarious adventures. Tuesday, KENNYWOOD! Wednesday/Thursday, GETTYBURG and FALLINGWATER. Friday, THE DUCK TOUR of downtown Pittsburgh and the three rivers. So, patience my friends… more reports to follow!


  1. Whew. I'm tired already. Just so you know, Erin is doing a fantastic job! Bless her. I know you will all have a great time. Keep us posted as promised.
    love, Big Sis

  2. Strange things are afoot at the Stop-n-Go: You guys get hung up in Monroeville? You have to post at LEAST every 24 hours if you want to maintain a following...