Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patty chimes in (at last!)

Well, Ken insists that I get on here and write something, so I guess I will. Let me start off by saying that Bob & Naomi have been fabulous hosts and we have had a really great time with them. Of course they gave me the best bedroom and fed me the best food, while poor Kenny has to sleep on a straw filled mat and eat what is left over after we are done eating.

Today we went to Kennywood which brought back such fond memories of my childhood. There were a few rides that no one would go on but me so I went ahead and rode them myself. Yesterday we went to Wilkinsburg and Monroeville and took quite a trip down memory lane. Grandma’s house was quite shocking—well, we’ll show you some pictures.

I will write more later, I promise. I am having a wonderful time thanks to my brothers and Naomi.

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