Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm still screaming...

Patty speaks! (See below) I thought you might like to see the ride I refused to go on with her. It travels at about 85 mph and drops about a quarter mile. She's quite a man, my sister is. I, on the other hand managed EVERY ride in Kiddieland without so much as a whimper! Really, it was very touching to hear Patty's adventure... she sat with a 13-year-old girl and gave her the support she needed to get ON the ride in spite of her fear. Patty said that when they were done, the girl said that her mom would be proud of her! I'm really glad that Patty was there to do such a nice turn for such a nice young girl. I'd have done it myself of course, but I had to be sedated after riding the Jackrabbit and the Racer. Bob and Naomi had fun too. Do you know when we asked for a half-price "Senior Fun Day" ticket, they didn't even ASK to see our ID's!

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