Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fourscore and 20 minutes ago…

Gettysburg! I love it here. History is around every corner and so is the kitsch. The good news is the history moves you and the kitsch is at least well-intentioned, so easier to take. An example: a statue of a rather animated and smiling Abe Lincoln doffing his hat and pulling a man who looks rather disturbingly like Perry Como (including the sweater) to consider… what? The house he stayed in while writing the Gettysburg Address. Otherwise, there’s a lot of the sentimental/political type of monuments erected in the 19th century. But you know, it all doesn’t matter. NOTHING can take away from the men, young and old who gave their lives for their cause here, whatever “side” they represented. The new Visitors’ Center is spectacular, from its museum of artifacts to its “History Channel” overview to its newly restored Cyclorama. Both Patty and I felt some tightness in our throats and tears in our eyes. It was truly a moving experience. Tomorrow we will do the 3-hour Battlefield Tour (although Erin and I took 7.5 hours to do it!)

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